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Doodlepop and Dragon

Writer & Illustrator

I believe that the first books that a child is shown, and read is pivotal in engendering a love of books. These books need to be bright, and sweet. These books need to have a simple, but enduring message and be full of lovely characters, and colourful illustrations. The books need to be non-judgemental, and they don’t need adult complexity. They need to capture imagination of the child so they want to pick up first this book, then another, then another. The message needs to be relevant to a child.

The first Doodlepop & Dragon story was actually inspired by a story written by my [then] 6 year old sister. That story reminded me of how children think, and how they concentrate on only what is important to them. You'll see parts of that first book in all the Doodlepop and Dragon Books.

The main theme of the Doodlepop and Dragon Books is friendship first, and the importance of acceptance.

I illustrated my first children’s book when I was 16 years old. That book was illustrated in paper collage.

But now, many years later and in this modern world I prefer to use graphic design tools. The illustrations in all the books, on the T-shirts and on the Doodlepop.world website were created using GIMP, and the print book itself using Scribus.

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