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Doodlepop World

Doodlepop and the Dragon have lots of friends and love to meet new friends.
They live on these webpages, in print books and ebooks.

The books are for children being introduced to books and reading. The colours are bright and attractive, and designed to engage the young imagination. And so the child learns to love books and all they can bring into their lives.

The Doodlepop And Dragon stories are non-judgemental, with themes of acceptance and friendship. Children will delight in the stories and learn from the themes. There are opportunities for recognising and learning numbers and letters in the books, and soon some educational games for hand / eye coordination, numeracy and literacy.

We have T-shirts and other apparel, with favourite images. There is an expanding range of things for children and adults.
Every child who joins our list [with mum or dad's help - naturally] will receive colouring in images of the Doodlepop and the Dragon, and from time to time we might even have some competitions too.